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The Business of Content

Mar 23, 2022

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When Adam White graduated from the University of Miami in 2017, he had every intention of getting a job in sports administration. In fact, he went through several rounds of interviews at a major organization and was sure he’d get an offer.


But the job never actually materialized, and instead of applying to more open positions, Adam decided to double down on Front Office Sports, a website he had founded during his freshman year in college. For the next year or so, he worked part-time jobs while also spending his mornings, nights, and weekends interviewing top executives at the largest sports franchises all around the world.


His bet paid off in a big way. Not only did he manage to secure angel investment, but the site also started to attract major sponsors. Today, Front Office Sports is a powerhouse in the B2B sports media space, and it’s using its momentum to expand into new verticals.


In my interview with Adam, he explained to me what sparked his initial idea, how he became a better interviewer, and why he’d rather embrace slow growth than accept large VC investment.