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The Business of Content

Jun 1, 2022

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During their combined 20 years at The Wall Street Journal, Bradley Hope and Tom Wright covered some of the most momentous stories to hit the financial world, but none were as consequential to their personal careers as their reporting on Jho Low, a Wharton grad who was caught stealing billions of dollars from investment funds. Their dogged investigation led to the publication of the book Billion Dollar Whale, an instant bestseller that transformed them into A-list writers, on par with Michael Lewis and Malcolm Gladwell.


Rather than simply returning to their newspaper jobs, they partnered on a new media entity called Project Brazen. Unlike most digital media companies, Project Brazen has no ambitions to churn out large quantities of web content. Instead, it only focuses on ambitious, investigative storytelling that can be adapted into multiple mediums that include podcasts, books, film, and television.


How does Project Brazen go about vetting and staffing these projects, and what are the best ways to monetize serialized storytelling? Those are some of the questions I put to co-founder Bradley Hope in today’s interview.