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The Business of Content

Jul 20, 2022

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If you’re aware of Morning Brew, it’s probably because of its daily business newsletter. Since its founding in 2015 by two college students, it’s grown to over 4 million subscribers, and its news digest format has been copied by dozens of other media startups.


But since getting acquired in 2020 by Business Insider, Morning Brew has expanded into new niches in verticals. Not only has it launched several B2B industry newsletters, but it also invested heavily in podcast and video production.


That’s where Dan Toomey comes in. After graduating college in 2020, he pitched Morning Brew’s founders on the idea of him coming on board to create video, and to his surprise, they went for it.


After experimenting with several different formats, Dan started creating sketch comedy videos for TikTok, and it worked. Every morning he woke up, scanned that day’s business news, and chose a topic to parody on video. 


In our interview, Dan talked about how he came up with the format, his daily routine for writing scripts, and Morning Brew’s strategy to grow beyond TikTok and launch new video series.