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The Business of Content

Feb 17, 2022

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When it comes to coverage of the tech sector, few publications can match the journalistic heft of The Information. Launched by former Wall Street Journal reporter Jessica Lessin in 2013, The Information quickly became an industry powerhouse, attracting some of the world’s best journalists who broke many of the biggest scoops over the past decade. If there’s a major story in tech, chances are that an Information reporter is chasing it. 


So it wasn’t exactly a surprise when, in January 2021, the publication put out a job ad for a Creator Economy reporter. With an estimated $100 billion in annual revenue, the Creator Economy has not only launched the careers for thousands of creators, but it’s also become the core focus for many of the world’s largest tech platforms. Venture capitalists are now pouring billions of dollars into Creator Economy startups, and creators themselves are upending entire industries that include beauty, commerce, health, and entertainment.


In April 2021, The Information announced that it had hired Kaya Yurieff, a former CNN tech reporter, to helm its Creator Economy coverage, and she’s since launched a daily newsletter that, in addition to publishing regular feature stories, also rounds up deals, trends, and product launches. 


Given the relative newness of the Creator Economy beat, I wanted to get a better idea of how Yurieff shapes her coverage. In a recent interview, she walked me through her weekly routine for news gathering, her methods for assessing startup founders’ claims, and where she thinks the industry is heading in the near future.