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The Business of Content

May 6, 2022


There were a lot of media companies that were vulnerable to the pandemic shutdown, but perhaps none more so than Pop Up Magazine. Not only was its content delivered through live performances, but the hosts made special care during each event to tell the audience that nothing that night would be recorded. Part of the magic, in other words, was the show’s ephemerality. 


Of course, there was no way Pop Up Magazine could continue delivering on that promise once all in-person events went away. Instead, it had to adapt by somehow taking the magic of a live performance and delivering it over the internet.


Not only did the magazine succeed in this endeavor, but the new restraints forced it to diversify revenue and expand its audience. With live events now returning, it’s arguably stronger than ever.


How did its staff accomplish this? In an interview last year, founder Chas Edwards walked me through Pop Up Magazine’s pivot, from the hellish first weeks of the pandemic to its recent return to live events.