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The Business of Content

May 18, 2022



When everyday people hear about space-related news, it’s usually in association with an organization like NASA or SpaceX. But while Elon Musk is great at grabbing headlines, the space industry actually comprises a vast constellation of companies that generate hundreds of billions of dollars a year. And it’s only set to expand; Morgan Stanley projects it’ll reach $1.25 trillion by 2040.


Given the size and growth of this industry, it’s probably a surprise to no one who listens to this podcast that there’s an enormous opportunity for the B2B media outlets that cover it. One of the most exciting entrants into that space is Payload, a daily newsletter that launched in 2021.


Though Payload was bootstrapped for its first several months, it announced a $650,000 seed round last year that was led by Winklevoss Capital, the venture firm run by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. It’s since hired an editorial staff and landed its first major sponsors.


Payload was founded by Mo Islam and Ari Lewis, and in December 2021 I interviewed Mo about the newsletter’s origin, its audience development strategy, and its plans to monetize its influential readership.